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Element of Pain

on September 5, 2013


 Small is showing his frustration, anger, and upset by the pain he has gone through because of  his parents. In addition he is going through the pain where he read the letter that his mother. Small frustrations shows that his voice is getting bigger and louder. This is related to the quote of Dickson The Mystery of Pain, when pain can be shown and describe in many different ways. “Pain has an element of blank” this shows that Small’s pain is a different element and shows that he has a voice within his pain. Small’s  voice demonstrate that his voice was begin heard and was getting louder. This frustration is built up from the beginning of Stitches A Memoir, where small had no idea that he had cancer until he found out.

David Small Stitches A Memoir page 234


One response to “Element of Pain

  1. Jodi Cressman says:

    Interesting that the image can be read two ways: with his voice getting louder (if one starts in the center of the text and moves out) or becoming steadily smaller (if one starts at the periphery and moves in).

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