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The Masques of the Red Death

on September 13, 2013


According Edgar Allan Poe, “[b]lood was its Avatar and its seal — the redness and the horror of blood.”  the meaning is  Red Death has taken a figure and disguised itself as a foreigner within the castle. No matter what, you cannot escape from death. This relates to Sontag in that she refers to  when we are sick, the body is going to war. The metaphor of “war” relates to the disease or illness that the Avatar is disguised as within the war. Another point, in molecular cell biology, the Hela cells, in my opinion we learned that the body and the Hela cells are having a, ” war ” and the Hela cells are in disguise just as the blood and so they are both Avatars.

Poe, E. A. (1976). The illustrated Edgar Allan Poe: a selection of the tales together with a poem. London: Jupiter Books.


One response to “The Masques of the Red Death

  1. Edgar Allan Poe is a dark man and his poems are always in my opinion to be overwhelming. He uses darkness and blood to express his inner emotions as seen in The Masques of the Red Death. I agree that the metaphor “war” relates to the disease or illness and that the Avatar is disguised as within the war. This meaning someone who may act or look as an innocent bystander, ultimately may be within the group disguised as another. He uses war and death as metaphor proving his true darkness as a man.

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