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on September 20, 2013

”Ten days after having my breast removed, I went to my doctor’s office to have the stitches taken out. This was my first journey out since coming home from the hospital, and I was truly looking forward to it” (Lorde, 59).

Cancer is one illness where patients have a long-term journey. Cancer is most aptly described in the metaphor of “war”, whether the patient will win or loss; the patients still have a scar from the cancer.  Whenever a patient has cancer, it scars the patients. Audrre Lorde, The Cancer Journal takes a journey of her cancer before and after her masteconmtry. After the surgery, relieved, she felt that the cancer has left the hospital; his is compared to Anaya Sliver when she is Leaving the Hospital, the quote “As the doors glides shut behind me, the world flares back into being.” The meaning behind this is that both the author and the disease are leaving the hospital; both authors set a good example. Silver set leaving the hospital, because she is leaving the scar of her cancer behind and showing confidence. For Lorde, by leaving the hospital, is the joy that her cancer is removed, and going in a direction where she can regain her confidence and make her esteem aware.

Lorde, A. (1980). The cancer journals. Argyle, N.Y.: Spinsters, Ink.


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