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on September 30, 2013

“Religion still implies AIDS is a punishment, meted out by unloving, unforgiving, and unimaginable God, intent with wrath” (Campo, 95).

AIDs is one big factor, it tries to fight the body and creates a war zone between the virus and the body. Rafael Campo who is a physician and poet, brings a good point between AIDs and religion. Campo compares and contrasts the two points. This means that Campo is making a similar statement that AIDS and God basically have a similar path. The first connection, is that doctors are like God and they are trying their best to heal their patients. They are trying to manipulate the expansion of human lives. The doctors job is to heal, the poet Campo’s job is to face death. Another connection, is that within religion God looks upon us, when a person does something wrong, people assume that God gave them a punishment toward the person. There are some patients that accept that God gave them AIDS because they have done something bad, which is considered as sin. The sin that the patients have done is unforgiveable and which is why God is punishing them with the AIDS virus.

Campo, R. (1996). What the body told. Durham: Duke University Press.


3 responses to “AIDS

  1. Naomi Reyna says:

    Well like you have mention that some patients believe if they have got AIDS it’s a punishment for the bad they have done. So if a person who is has done no bad in his life, he/she has been the purest person you have ever met. However, he was diagnose with AIDS so what is his punishment for? If they had only done good things in he/she life and no evil.

  2. steflena says:

    I really like that you said here is that some patients that accept the stigma revolving around their illness, as though God really is punishing them. This is a good point because I think that when we discuss these poems and stigmas around illness, we should remember that in some cases the ill contribute to their own judgement, not just those in society who are not sick.

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