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Smile! Confessions of a Fiitness!


on October 9, 2013

Lorrie Moore, People like that are the only people here: Canonical Babbling in Peed Onk, summarized that her baby had kidney cancer, At first the mother thought it was her who got the cancer. The husband only thought about finical problems and told the mother, to take notes. The mother did not appreciate the medical staff because they were detached from the situation and using metaphors that the patient’s family did not understand. Throughout the stories the baby is healthy and does not get chemotherapy instead of surgery. In Benedictine university for invasive species, we were talking about the West Niles Virus (WNS) and how 1999 the CDC did not listen to the patients and their insistence that they got the virus due to the population of birds. It’s interesting how in 1999 CDC detached from WNS due to the birds and as of today, the CDC is putting a lot of care to the population of birds.

“A beginning, an end: there seems to be neither. the whole thing is like a cloud that just lands and everything inside it is full of rain” (212)

“Is it possible it was my kidney on the scan? I mean, I’ve never heard of a baby with a tumor, and , frankly, I was standing very close.” (213)

“Now her baby, for all these reasons-lack of motherly gratitude, motherly judgment, motherly proportion–will be taken away” (217)

“Take Notes, says the Husband, after coming straight home from work, midafternoon, hearing the news, and saying all the words out loud. ” (219)


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