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Doctor reaction

on October 29, 2013

Today doctors have changed a lot in the eyes of society. Back in the day doctors had very little care for the patient’s reaction, the only thing that they cared was themselves and how they looked. There are some doctors who are very nice to their patients and there are some who are just rude, or even evil towards their patients. The Girl with a pimply Face is about a kind doctor who treats his patient who is a baby with a serious heart disease and a stomach bug.  Both were either long or short term issues. There is a kind doctor who is helping the mother with the baby patients “this my baby. You understand. She very sick. You good doctor” (50). This means that the doctor is very kind toward his patients. Today in society you see either doctors who want to make money and do not care about the patients or doctors who are a complete opposite. I volunteer at the North Shore hospital, and sometimes I see doctors who are very kind to their patients and sometimes try to give them a discount from their bill.  It is so sweet that doctors have a good heart and intention of caring the patients. Other times, when I see my doctor, it looks like my physician just wants the money and is not taking care of my body. As you can see doctors in today’s society can be either good doctors or bad mostly it all depends on luck.

In The Use of Forces, is about a young girl who has a virus in her throat. However, the little girl did not tell her parents about it. Back in the day, doctors would go to the patient’s house and diagnose and care for them there. In the story the doctor came to the house and got consent from the parents to use force on the child.  The doctor was attempting to diagnose the young child, however, the young child only sees that this is a mean doctor and he is trying to hurt her. In Microbiology, the way to diagnose a patient sometimes is by looking at the virus or its colonies on the petri plate. A Petri Plate is a hallow glass or plastic cylindrical lidded dish that biologists use to produce cultures of bacteria, cells or other microorganisms. The petri plate helps identify the kind of virus. One day, I and my partner were making a blood agar petri plate; basically we had to swab the cheek or throat to identify if we were sick. My lab partner and I were curious if my sore throat would have a virus colony on the blood agar. The results were a bit different the blood agar kept the bacteria cell colony and it was very big.


One response to “Doctor reaction

  1. Jodi C. says:

    Thank you for sharing this connection to your work at the hospital!

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