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The Interpreter

on October 29, 2013

The definition of interpreter as it appears in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is as fallows: one who translates orally for parties conversing in different languages. Jhumpa Lahiri, states that Mr. Kapasi is a tour guide and a interrupter for a doctor. He meets with the Das family and gives them a tour of the Sun Temple that is located in India near Napel. Throughout the short story the wife of Das family and Mr. Kapasi have chemistry. Toward the end when the Das Family is leaving from the sun temple, the women brings out the brush and “the slip of paper with Mr. Kapasi’s address on it fluttered away in the wind” (Lahiri, 69).  This represents the slip of paper meaning that God does not want them to be in a relationship. Mrs. Das should stick to her commented relationship. During the tour Mr. Kapasi helps the Das Family bridge culture, interprets and brings worlds together. He brings the pain out to the surface from where most pain is hiding in isolation. A connection that can be made is that interpreter and translator are similar to doctors and medical staff. All three professions have to deal with people and with communication. Even though they are different they are still similar and can still help people in many different ways. The interpreter helps people interpret what you say and translate it to another person. A Translator is a person who translates a language or symbols into a common language. A doctor is a foreigner to others when he/she is talking in medical terms and that patient must have it understand so that the terms of  problem can be understood.


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