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Why Yellow

on October 29, 2013

The Yellow Wallpaper has to be one of my ultimate favorite stories. It begins with a woman who struggles with depression after child birth, and her husband sticks her in a room. The husband thinks he knows what is best for his wife, which proves to be not true when his wife’s depression worsens. The narrator helps us understand the feeling of loneliness and getting very sick. Indeed, when a woman is going through depression she needs much more attention. I have been through that situation with a woman who had depression and suicidal thoughts and I see how she felt and looked at the husband abandoning her. Making it all by her lonesome is not the solution. The fictional husband had no caring for his wife at all and thus making the depression worse. My assumption is that John thinks that he can do whatever he wants with his wife and maybe can even control her sickness. The narrator begins observing the things within the yellow wallpaper that is in her room. The truth is she is hallucinates the things that surround her. At the end of the story she gets exhausted of the things she sees and takes down the yellow wallpaper. In my point of view, that the yellow wallpaper represents her husband because it is controlling her mind just like he tried to control her life.


One response to “Why Yellow

  1. Jodi C. says:

    I think that your point about “control” is going the right direction. John’s intentions are good — he thinks his treatment will lead to her “cure” — but he is certainly the one in control, as doctor and as a nineteenth-century patriarch.

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