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Blind Eye Open Something New

on November 12, 2013

Raymond Carver’s Cathedral is a short story, which introduces us to an insight on disabilities. This short story gives the original perspective on what it means to “see” and how the worldview impacts how we as humans view it. The short story is about a blind man. This blind man who is named Robert happens to have a wife who is deceased.

Near the middle of the story, we see that the characters are eating dinner and take sometime to engage in casual fun activities. The narrator turns on the television and a program is on about cathedrals. The narrator then begins to chat about the idea of a cathedral with the Robert, who has never ‘seen’ one, with his own eyes. The narrator convinces Robert to draw a picture of a cathedral with him guiding his hand so that he could experience it.  When the narrator and Robert draw it they do so by placing the narrators hand onto Roberts as a guide. He causes the narrator to completely alter his worldview by making him draw a cathedral with his eyes closed and then asking him what does he see. The ideal similarity between these two human beings, and their physical differences throughout is explored.  We see that Carver used various elements that demonstrate tone and symbolism. The theme left is devoid and makes us accept all members of society. Cathedrals represent harmony and peace, Carver exhibits this throughout the narrator and the blind man named Robert, as both draw hand on hand a Cathedral. This demonstrates that Robert can actually feel how a Cathedral looks like within his mind.

The imagery is almost entirely descriptive; this reflects the narrator’s tone as very literal, down-to-earth individual. He is no-nonsense and finds himself literally at a loss when attempting to describe the cathedral to Robert. One of the most powerful moments is  where his description that is not either of something physical within or outside of him until the very end when he says, regarding having eyes closed, I thought I’d keep them that way for a little longer. I thought it was something I ought to do.” (124) . By keeping the narrator’s eyes closed he is blocking one his most significant portals for sensory exploration and has to rely instead on guesswork and on faith. There is a similarity from a deaf person and a blind man, which is sensory. Where both have using their other senses than what they lost. The blind man Robert uses touch which is to feel sometimes which he would imagine in his mind. The deaf person would be using their eyes, where they have very good observation skills, more than a normal average human hearing being. When meeting a deaf person, and knowing American Sign Language, a hearing person must be good, and sign slow and respectful. It takes a while for a deaf person to use their voice. It takes a deaf person to feel very comfortable to use their voice. My deaf friend took a long while until I heard his voice. He asked how do I sound, I told him that it was perfect. For that moment I felt special that he used his voice for the first time ever in public. His voice was amazing and mind-blowing. I learned that it takes a while for a deaf and blind person to feel very comfortable out of their zone. It makes them feel happy as well as the other person feels very happy.


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