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The Path through Literature in Medicine

on December 10, 2013

Literature in Medicine has taught me a different perspective within medicine. It was an out and out mind blowing experience and a fascinating class of Literature. There is so much I have learned within the classroom starting from Emily Dickenson, pain, to The Death of Ivan Ilych, and death. I have enjoyed my time and experience within the classroom reading assignments of poems, short stories, and novels. These reading assignments gave a different insight of medicine and can be interpreted in so many ways. From all the reading assignments two have struck me the most.  Pain by Emily Dickenson and Stitches: A Memoir by David Small were the two I connected with the most. These two authors have helped me understand and demonstrate a different perspective and interruption of Medicine. In addition, the evolution of hospitals, doctors and institutions have change over the years.

In her poem of Pain, Emily Dickenson made me think of pain differently. At first I wondered why is my Professor making us reading this poem, and how pain especially Emily poem Pain can reflect throughout the class. When I recited the poem of Pain to the class, I realized that pain is not a feeling but is actually a thing that we cannot see however; we can feel within our class. Throughout the class period, I wondered why we were starting off with pain, but then realized  pain needed to be identified  so we can grasp the meaning and description of pain physically, emotionally and mentally

. Throughout the reading assignments I understood pain was important throughout the readings. Pain can be described through anything from how we are feeling and Ms. Dickenson makes pain into an object. . Pain is shown to be important within medicine and literature, however sometimes we must read between the lines.

David Small, Stitches: A Memoir, is a graphic novel that demonstrates the pain of a young boy, David and his family. My first thought, was why is our professor making us read a comic book. There are two things I learned while reading Stitches: A Memoir, one a medicine book can be graphic novel and two pain and suffer is shown in many different elements.  I was fascinated as this was he first time I read a graphic novel and one that was related to medicine and the interpretation of medicine is different when it is mostly in pictures. The picture helps the reader observe and feel the pain. Second is the pain being described in many elements of pain or suffering. The element of pain and suffering is displayed throughout the book which gave a different field of pain and suffering. I have enjoyed reading this graphic novel.  It was different and appealing to my interest in medicine. This book helped me visually observe and describe pain on so many levels. Pain is basically a universal language.

I have enjoyed my time in Literature in Medicine; it was a great and fun experience. All the reading assignments were challenging however, it was intriguing. Especially the two reading assignments of Pain by Emily Dickenson, and Stitches: A Memoir, because these readings helped me understand pain and the real world of medicine. Throughout the semester of Literature in Medicine, I learned that the generation of doctors are evolving from doctors who care for

themselves to doctors who  care for their patients. They are now trying their best to diagnosis patients and fix their patients. Literature in Medicine helps me have an insight into how the institution of   medicine has been evolving for the past generation. Also, this helped me understand pain is related to almost everything in medicine. I really enjoyed posting blogs that deals with literature in Medicine.

Thank you!
-Eva Mehta


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