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”Ten days after having my breast removed, I went to my doctor’s office to have the stitches taken out. This was my first journey out since coming home from the hospital, and I was truly looking forward to it” (Lorde, 59).

Cancer is one illness where patients have a long-term journey. Cancer is most aptly described in the metaphor of “war”, whether the patient will win or loss; the patients still have a scar from the cancer.  Whenever a patient has cancer, it scars the patients. Audrre Lorde, The Cancer Journal takes a journey of her cancer before and after her masteconmtry. After the surgery, relieved, she felt that the cancer has left the hospital; his is compared to Anaya Sliver when she is Leaving the Hospital, the quote “As the doors glides shut behind me, the world flares back into being.” The meaning behind this is that both the author and the disease are leaving the hospital; both authors set a good example. Silver set leaving the hospital, because she is leaving the scar of her cancer behind and showing confidence. For Lorde, by leaving the hospital, is the joy that her cancer is removed, and going in a direction where she can regain her confidence and make her esteem aware.

Lorde, A. (1980). The cancer journals. Argyle, N.Y.: Spinsters, Ink.

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Patients sometime enjoy leaving the hospital with a good note. Anya Sliver demonstrates Leaving the Hospital “As the door glides shut behind me, the world flares back into being – I exist again, recover myself.” This shows the sign where patients have a relief of clam when leaving the hospital. A connection is that when a person is in surgery and it was a successful surgery. By leaving the hospital this shows the happiness of the patients that had struggled within the hospital. Another connection is that the patients feel that happiness is restored into them and feeling that they can do anything, Anya Sliver, describe the feeling of momentum of leaving the hospital and the pain and suffer that was left behind.

Silver, A. K. (2010). The ninety-third name of God poems. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press.


The Masques of the Red Death


According Edgar Allan Poe, “[b]lood was its Avatar and its seal — the redness and the horror of blood.”  the meaning is  Red Death has taken a figure and disguised itself as a foreigner within the castle. No matter what, you cannot escape from death. This relates to Sontag in that she refers to  when we are sick, the body is going to war. The metaphor of “war” relates to the disease or illness that the Avatar is disguised as within the war. Another point, in molecular cell biology, the Hela cells, in my opinion we learned that the body and the Hela cells are having a, ” war ” and the Hela cells are in disguise just as the blood and so they are both Avatars.

Poe, E. A. (1976). The illustrated Edgar Allan Poe: a selection of the tales together with a poem. London: Jupiter Books.

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War Zone

“Sine then, military metaphors have more and more come to infuse all aspects of the description of the medical situation. Disease is seen as an invasion of alien organism, to which the body responds by its own military operation” (Sontag, 97)

Whenever the body gets sick, has a disease or illness it feels that it is in a war zone. Sontag describes the body   like a battlefield one link is that the body goes into a war zone, that the virus is like the extremist, or the bad guy and the white cells are the good guys or soldiers that protect the country. No matter what, the body (white blood cells), will always win however, sometime the body cannot fight to a certain extent, so the body will have to give up. For example, a certain disease, or cancer, the body tries to fight however; sooner or later in the battle the virus wins and   overtakes the body.

Sontag, S., & Sontag, S. (2002). Illness as metaphor ; AIDS and its metaphors. London: Penguin.

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The Mystery of Pain By Emily Dickinson


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Element of Pain


 Small is showing his frustration, anger, and upset by the pain he has gone through because of  his parents. In addition he is going through the pain where he read the letter that his mother. Small frustrations shows that his voice is getting bigger and louder. This is related to the quote of Dickson The Mystery of Pain, when pain can be shown and describe in many different ways. “Pain has an element of blank” this shows that Small’s pain is a different element and shows that he has a voice within his pain. Small’s  voice demonstrate that his voice was begin heard and was getting louder. This frustration is built up from the beginning of Stitches A Memoir, where small had no idea that he had cancer until he found out.

David Small Stitches A Memoir page 234

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Swallow The Darkness


Small had a dream which eventually that turned into a nightmare. Small had to skip supper so while he was thinking about dinner which this dream lead into  a nightmare of another kid stomach. Within this picture, Small  is showing himself having a nightmare. He is being swallowed  into another kid child stomach,that  he has seen an x-ray earlier.  The fetus represent that it is trying to grab the Small and pull him into the darkness or the world of craziness that was from his parents.  This shows pain how it impact Small through psychological abuse from his parents.


David Small, Stitch A Memoir page 45

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According to Elaine Scarry, “Perhaps the most obvious is medicine, for the success of the physician’s work will often depend on the acuity with which he or she can hear the fragmentary language of pain, coax it into clarity and interpret it (6).”


– The meaning of this quote is the physician should try to listen and interpt what the patient are telling to them, because pain never really goes away, it comes back in another form. This quote reminds me of Emily Dickson “The Mystry of Pain.”

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My World of Fitness

Today workout is really fun!!!

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